16 Months Old and Killing it

16 Months Old and Killing it


I haven’t written in a bit because I’ve been battling my anxiety. Since Will’s allergic reaction, my anxiety has come out in odd ways. 900 xanax later and here I am!

Since you last heard from me, Will has become an actual human being. He is walking (sprinting pretty much), saying some words, and he is the funniest little weirdo. He is 16 months and it is the cutest age ever.

I don’t know if it’s the age or because he is a boy, but man he is active. He runs and falls all day long. He now takes one nap a day, so he is go go go most of the day. Will has always been a climber and did most things fairly early: rolling over, sitting up, crawling around-- probably because he is miniature. But, he walked late! He really wasn’t fully walking until he hit 15 months. And now he is non stop.

He is still small so it’s funny watching him walking around like a little drunk dude. I’m always looking for places to bring him where he can run free. We go to My Gym and his music class. He kills it. I might have to put him on a treadmill soon. Kidding.

Within a month it feels like our lives have totally changed. Having an active toddler has brought us to a different phase. It is fun and exhausting (duh).


Will says the following phrases:


Bao (Ball)

Buh bye

No, no, no (and waves his finger no)

Mama and Dada (not always at his parents)

Woof woof

Moo (at any animal that’s not a dog, and one time at a pinecone)

Nana (banana)

He also identifies his nose, mouth (tries to say both), ears, belly and feet

Nene (Mickey)

Naina (princess Elena)

Momo (Elmo)

I think we have a genius on our hands…

We recently did a peanut challenge and he passed! More to come on that.


Will's Allergic Reaction: Being a mom will put me in a mental institution

Will's Allergic Reaction: Being a mom will put me in a mental institution