So I had a baby.

So I had a baby.

Will's announcement  Photo. Go Yanks! (Daddy's a Met's fan, bleh)

Will's announcement  Photo. Go Yanks! (Daddy's a Met's fan, bleh)

Welcome to the world of being a boring person. 

I miss comedy a lot, but with moving out to the burbs and dealing with a difficult pregnancy and then the joys of motherhood, it’s just not in the cards. Instead, I have totally become one of those moms that only posts pictures of her baby! Ew.

When you get past the exhaustion, the mushy body, and getting covered in spit up, poop and piss, motherhood is pretty rewarding.

I also have a really good baby. I think I would shoot myself if I didn’t. God only gives you what you can handle right? He knows I’ve reached my limit.

I had a rough pregnancy. To summarize: I had gestational diabetes, puked for six months, a two day failed induction, 22 hours of labor and a C-section (which I essentially scheduled myself). I had an awful experience at Greenwich Hospital, in Connecticut. I should tour high schools across the country to promote abstinence. 

Just don’t have sex. Anyone. 

But I did come out with a cute kid, who is happier then I’ve ever been. William Jay Narvaez entered the world on August 12th, 2016 at 8:35pm. If I wanted to be in labor for another day (I didn’t), he would have been born on my birthday. It’s close enough to make sure that I never get to celebrate mine again though. I guess this is payback for having a "birthday month" for many years. 

Being a mom is pretty cool. He is only five months, so he still lets me watch Law and Order: SVU. When I’m forced to watch Mickey Mouse all day, I might be singing a different tune. For now, I will fill my house with shows of rape and murder exclusively. 

He does make me cry at least once a day with his sweetness. I’ve always been emotional, but this is just a new level. I can’t even handle watching a diaper commercial without crying like someone is stabbing me. 

So far he is sleeping about ten hours a night on average, and he is eating oatmeal (which he likes, when he's not throwing it around). He starts vegetables soon! We are constantly trying new things to relieve this hideous rash that he gets, and he is white AF like his mom! We are seeing an allergist next week to try to get to the bottom of it. He has already traveled to Miami, and he was great on the plane and loved the pool and his Miami wardrobe. Pitbull has nothing on this kid. 

Will is the love of our lives. He’s always smiling, super easygoing, and very calm, which is odd, considering Joe and I are out of our minds. 

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I give my kid formula. I am a terrible Mom.

I give my kid formula. I am a terrible Mom.