Will's First Fiesta aka his Wedding

Will's First Fiesta aka his Wedding


Will is Uno!!!

I can’t believe my little boy has been in our lives for a year! He is the best, happiest, funniest and most charming guy ever. Nothing in the world means more to me than celebrating my sweet pea! I think most moms feel the same, I just like to take it to a psychotic level.

Next to my wedding, Will’s First Fiesta  has been my favorite thing to plan! Once we picked the Fiesta theme (the most fun), I headed in my downward spiral of ordering any fiesta themed item that was available on Amazon. I decided to go with a taco truck; it seemed like a fun kid friendly option. We also have a friend that DJs so he had a funky set up for us. I had the party at my parents house and they have a pool so we got a lifeguard. At the last minute we thought it was going to rain, so in a panic I hired a guy to do balloons and face/hand painting in case we were stuck inside. And we got a tent… it all happened so quickly. Of course since we got a tent and an extra entertainer, the weather was clear.

Since Will and I are a day apart, I know what a busy time of year mid August is. With camps and vacations I figured we wouldn’t have a great turn out. Narrator: Boy was I wrong. There were 60 adults and 20 children at his party.

We played pin the tail on the donkey, broke a piñata (obv Will did it with no help at all), did a cake smash, listened to some sweet jams, swam and enjoyed the balloon man’s creations. It was a very cute time. Since there were so many kids we were on a very tight schedule with all of these things. A month before we were at another first birthday party and they had good timing for the babies so I realized that I had to keep it all tight. We had some issues with the Taco Truck. Ugh. There was a line which is the worst and some things ran out and weren’t ready quick enough. That was annoying, but the food was great. For dessert we had this adorable cake made and the taco truck made churros (which came out after some people left UGH). We had the candy from the piñata, maracas, and sombrero headbands as favors!

It was the cutest day ever, and I swear Will knew it was his special day. He is such a good baby and spent the whole day being passed around, getting to try cake (an egg free, dairy free, nut free smash cake made by my aunt. Sounds delish, right?) for the first time and just being his happy self. He had such a good time that he didn’t need to nap after. He’s grown now so he can make these decisions…

Thanks to all of our friends and family that came to help us celebrate our little muchacho! It was the most perfect day ever! Followed by my 30th birthday which blew. That's for another day. xoxo


* I got a lot of our decor off of Amazon, for anyone interested I can send the exact vendors! Some of our favorite items listed below. I love Etsy now! Such a chill, homemade kind of mom now...

Invitations, thank you cards and gift tags- Chasing Prints

Balloon and Face Painting- Super Nova Balloons

Will's Sombrero 1 bib- MimisBabies

Will's Uno Shirt- Lil Threadz

Cake- Monet Baking Company

Napkins- For Your Party

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Allergy Update

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